Attitude – the master aptitude

You need a positive attitude to win more business

By David Tovey,canIt might seem brutal to point this out but there are too many well-qualified ‘experts’ in their field who don’t have enough business to allow them to practise what they love to do. There are too many salespeople falling below target and too many great companies under-performing. The one thing they have in common is that they all need more customers to exchange money for their products or services.

If you are in business you are in sales. Sales = the exchange of good and services for money.

If selling is your full time role then you will no doubt have recognised that the way customers buy has significantly changed in recent years and the traditional approach to sales simply isn’t effective anymore. Having being trained in an outdated approach to sales and honed your skills over the years you are now faced with learning new ‘social selling’ skills and have an appreciation of content marketing. It’s a new world out there, we are in a buyer led era and there is a lot to learn for some salespeople (and their managers).    (Continue Reading…)

Leaders Cast a Long Shadow

There’s good and bad news about the shadow of the top team

By David Tovey

Shadow_1According to Forbes magazine, Webster’s dictionary stated that “culture” is the most popular word of the year and that for very good reason it has become one of the most important words in corporate boardrooms across Europe and the USA.

As the economy improves, employee engagement is once again high on the agenda of business leaders. Employer brand has become a critical issue for organisations seeking to recruit and retain the best people and yet according to recent reports by Delloitte and Gallup, many organisations have a long way to go to improve their reputation as employers.

With social media channels and on line review sites such as Glass Door making the reputation of employers easier to make public than ever, people find out fast if an organisation is not a such a great place to work.

The importance of culture and its effects on employee engagement, customer loyalty and organizational performance are by well-known and have been extensively written about. (Continue Reading…)

Employee Engagement? – It’s Up To You.


Engagement is down to the individual.

Great_workWithout doubt one of the biggest workplace issues of today is employee engagement. I regularly get invited to speak on the topic and there seems to be an endless amount of research reminding us about how poor organisations are at engaging their people.

Report after report tells us that fewer than a third of employees are actively engaged at work. This, they seem to claim, is the fault of employers or managers who just don’t care about the people stuff. If they only offered better benefits, or free lunches, a pool table, or allowed dress down days, employees would re-engage and give their best efforts – then all would be well with the world of employment.

I’m not saying that employers and managers don’t make a difference to employee engagement levels, they definitely do.  The mistake many managers make , however , is to believe that engagement is something you can do to other people via some sort of top down initiative.

The theory goes that if you act a certain way your employees will in return give you their (Continue Reading…)