I help business owners, professionals and sales teams to win more business with a 21st Century approach to sales. By fusing social marketing, modern sales techniques and sale leadership the clients I work with:

  • Win more business from new clients and customers
  • Accelerate profitable growth
  • Build amazing internal and external business relationships
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Win more business from existing clients and customers
  • Build a business development culture
  • Inspire their teams to deliver outstanding performance

Described by clients as an inspirational speaker, coach and business consultant – my career in sales, business development and marketing has spanned almost 30 years.  My range of experience puts me in a unique position to help business owners, sales teams and professionals with the challenges of winning more business, holding onto and developing existing clients and inspiring people to deliver outstanding performance.

With roles ranging from front line sales to sales management, marketing director and managing director in technology and management consultancy, I built many successful business teams including multi-site operations with a UK Plc.

My sector experience ranges from small start-ups to global professional services firms, from high tech products through to law, accountancy, engineering, commercial property, franchising and not for profit organisations.

As well as working with full time sales teams and sales leaders I have helped thousands of ‘unnatural’ sales people to win business.  Working with commercial property firms, lawyers, accountants, engineers, entrepreneurs and business owners I have helped many organisations to develop a business development and client focused culture that increases top line sales and profitability.

With experience that comes from doing as well as studying, I focus on  making an immediate positive impact on the audiences and organisations I works with.

Having written and published hundreds of articles on business development sales and leadership my first book book ‘Principled Selling – How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul’ was published in 2012 by Kogan Page. Principled Selling does away with old fashioned sales techniques, providing a 21st Century approach to winning business that joins up content marketing, social media, face to face selling, account management and sales leadership.

If you would like to understand how to build amazing business relationships and accelerate the profitable growth of your team, business, firm or organisation contact me today!