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Putting values based management and leadership at the heart of winning more business

PS_final_JacketDavid is the author of ‘Principled Sellling – How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul’. The Principled Selling Approach helps make you the ‘go to expert’ by fusing modern marketing with the right skills and behaviours needed to build trust and win more business.

Principled Selling does all this without the need for cold calling or sales ‘techniques’, removing any suggestion of manipulation from the sales process.

David has helped hundreds of SME’s, blue chip companies and professional service firms around the world to increase top line profitable growth by focusing on Principled Selling and inspirational leadership.

The Principled Selling Approach

 More and more people NEED to sell, to develop business, to win new customers or clients, to hold on to and develop new lines of business. It’s often not something they’re comfortable with. The stereotypical salesperson exists and most people don’t want to be like them – most buyers don’t want to listen to them! For most non-sales people there is rarely training – in the economic downturn they have been told to ‘get out there and sell’.

Inevitably, under pressure they resort to what they think selling is, based too often on the very worst sales practices. This presents three problems:

  1. Most non-sales people don’t want to be described as sales people – not when selling means to them being like the stereotypical seller. Their motivation to get out there and sell is near to zero, sometimes there is genuine fear that because they don’t have the right ‘personality’ they will fail and this might mean they ultimately lose their jobs (the human brain can rehearse scenarios and generate an emotional response about things that haven’t happens yet). They assume they will fail and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy (the Pygmalion effect).
  2. They give selling a go and put into practice what they think sales people do – so often this is bad practice and they fail to win business.
  3. Customers and clients do not like to be ‘sold’ to – they spot the stereotypical salesperson a mile away. Most buyers are wise to sales techniques.

Something has changed

To compound these issues, if you’re in business development, you’ll have noticed that’s something has shifted. Techniques that used to be effective just don’t work like they once did. Buyer behaviour is changing fast: trust is at an all-time low; referrals via social media are preferred to any traditional sales approach.

The world has moved on. It’s time to change the way you sell.

There’s a better, more comfortable way to sell

The Principled Selling approach dispels the myths around what it takes to be a successful sales person. At its heart is a deep understanding of how to motivate a customer to want to do business with you, never resorting to pressure, manipulation or using ‘closing’ to win business.

Principled Selling is a comfortable, creative experience for the buyer and for the seller. There is a time when it is right to show our enthusiasm for our product and services, there is a time when it is right to ‘pitch’ or present a solution. Most people do this long before they have earned the right to be heard.

There are five essential elements to principled selling:

  1. Selling is about motivation not manipulation
  2. Profitable relationships require investment
  3. There must be congruency throughout the business development process
  4. Long term relationships depend on being authentic
  5. Be human!

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You can find out about the Principled Selling approach in the articles on this site but if you’re curious to know how it could work for your organisation, email David Tovey at or get in touch by phone+ 44 (0) 7823 322568.

Book reviews:

“Love the book, I’m now on my second reading to allow it to saturate my thinking”

Kevin Campbell, MD GNT Consulting


“There are thousands of books on selling. I loved this one because it covered all angles in a simple-easy-to-read manner. I picked up some great ideas that I can use”.

Will Kintish, Managing Director Kintish Ltd

“I would urge all companies and their employees, and not just those with a sales or business development functional label, to absorb the wisdom in this book. In doing so they will inevitably make their lives, as suppliers, more fulfilling with eventual outcomes hugely to the advantage of all parties. In summary a book for, and of our time. Totally relevant, easy to understand and put into practice”

Trevor Lee, Managing Partner EP International Ltd


“I read your book on my iPad in Portugal and LOVED IT. Really well done. It kept me reading which is always a good sign”!

Robin Kermode. Managing Director, Zone 2 Communications Ltd.


 “David Tovey’s ‘Principled Selling’ is a thoroughly excellent read and will be a major contributor towards the practice of professional selling. Get this book, do what it says, and you will achieve outstanding results”

Richard Denny, author ‘Selling to Win’

“The world of sales and the world of marketing have been plagued by the same problem for at least a century. Each has had different solutions proposed over time. However, it is rare to find a single solution to this single problem. Principled Selling manages to achieve that admirable task. The book does a better job than any other book I’ve seen of linking together the sales and marketing perspective”

Charles H Green, author ‘The Trusted Advisor’

“This is the first book on selling that I have read which gives both unnatural and professional salespeople both the ‘how-to’ and the ‘confidence’ to successfully sell. It’s for this (and many other good reasons) that I am recommending and buying this book for all my clients”

Heather Townsend, Co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life, and author of ‘The FT Guide to Business Networking’

“Selling is often considered to be a ‘dirty word’, and often the very nature of how a sales function is managed puts it at conflict with the rest of the team. This book is a fantastic step towards aligning the goals of the sales and operations teams, which will ultimately improve the service for customers or clients of any organisation. Not only that – it will also help sales teams sleep at night! Highly recommended.”

Carl Reader, Partner, Dennis and Turnbull Chartered Accountants

“‘Principled Selling – How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul’ makes a compelling case for the need to change traditional approaches to selling in a world being turned upside down by the internet and where earning trust has never been harder. It does an excellent job of explaining that the change has to be one of mind-set – it’s not merely about mastering new techniques, but adopting entirely new attitudes. Then it sets about giving the reader the tools, skills and behaviours they need to win, retain and develop new business.

I’ve read a lot of books that only make one point, then take ten chapters to say the same thing in different ways. This book is not one of them. It’s packed with valuable information, insight and inspiration, presented in a manner that’s very thorough and yet easy to digest. If you buy a copy you’ll be referring back to it repeatedly.”

Jim O’Connor, Managing Director, STS Ltd

“The best sales leave both the customer and seller satisfied. Sales like these ensure customers keep buying and sellers keep trying. But, too many salespeople forget this simple truth. It’s almost like they sell at the customer’s expense, not for their benefit. This book will help change all that. It’s beautifully written, easily digested and will make salespeople more successful (and popular!)”
Andy Bounds, Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year and author of international best-seller The Jelly Effect

‘If you’ve ever thought you could never sell read this book as it will show you how. If you think you’re a great salesperson, read this book as it will help you to become even more successful’.”

Paul McGee author of ‘S.U.M.O’ , (Shut Up, Move On) and ‘Self Confidence’.